Purchasing a Ragdoll Kitten

If you are interested in purchasing a Ragdoll Kitten, please fill out this Adoption Application. We will contact you via email with a copy of the contract for your review and information on sending a deposit and the next steps. At this time, we are limiting visits to picking up your kitten only.

Our Kittens are sold as pets and for show only (no breeders) and are priced at $1500 and up. A $400 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your kitten. We do not ship, but we may deliver for an extra fee depending on your location. Kittens may go to their forever home between 12 and 14 weeks of age. Your new Ragdoll Kitten will be well socialized and accustomed to humans and other animals and vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered, and checked by a vet for health before it leaves for your home.

Once a deposit is received for a kitten, we will send pictures and updates of your kitten once every two weeks. We reserve the right to return the deposit and refuse to sell a kitten for any reason.

Your responsibilities as a new Ragdoll kitten owner and as outlined in our contract are that you will not declaw your kitten, you will keep your Ragdoll indoor-only, you will notify us if you are not able to keep your kitten, you will provide vet care and quality food for your kitten. We will also provide pet insurance with 30-day immediate coverage and your choice to continue.

Our responsibilities as the Breeder and as outlined in our contract are that we will provide lifetime support for your questions, we will provide a two-year health guarantee against genetic defects, and in addition to the healthcare stated above, your Ragdoll will be registered with TICA and/or CFA, and will come home with a care package, which will include 30 days of free pet insurance which you can cancel or extend per your choice, wet food, dry food, a blanket that smells like mommy, toys, an interactive wand toy, registration papers, health record, and, of course, your sweet, fluffy kitten that has had his or her mini show-bath before snuggling into your arms.

In preparation for your sweet kitty coming home, you will need to purchase a litter box, litter, cat food, cat toys, and a bed. You will need to

Note: No Kitten will be held any length of time without payment.

We will deliver a kitten for up to 4 hours for a fee of $25.00 an hour of traveling. If you live 4 hours away, then the delivery fee would be $200.

Shipping by flight is available through United Airlines Pet Safe. All shipping fees will be paid by the buyer in advance, including the crate fee. This can range up to $200.

A kitten cannot be taken to their new home until they are at least 10 weeks old.

We are a closed cattery. This means that the health and welfare of the cats and kittens as well as of the humans who live here are our top priority. Kittens are chosen using photos and videos, and we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your new Ragdoll.

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About Ragdoll kittens Cattery

We are a small and cage-less ragdoll cattery located in Helena, MT All of our cats and kittens live with our unconditional love! We are the member of TICA and CFA. Our vision is to breed top-quality healthy, beautiful, and well-socialized ragdoll kittens.